Why don't you accept credit cards?

The store accepts a variety of credit cards. At checkout, simply ignore the Express Checkout section at the top of the page and move down to enter your email and other personal information. You will be allowed to enter your credit card information on the next page. 

Why is shipping for merchandise so expensive?

Merchandise is produced by multiple vendors on a print-on-demand basis. Because of this, orders for the products are received individually at the production company. Shipping is assigned by product and not by the order. Unfortunately, Jana has no control over these charges as they are provided from the vendor and passed on at checkout.

I didn't receive my ebook/audio book. Can you help me?

All questions concerning delivery of digital products must be directed to BookFunnel support. They have expert knowledge to assist you with your device and access to the digital products. The store cannot assist you with these inquiries. If you did not receive your download, please check your Spam folder and then contact BookFunnel if you have not received an email with your digital product. BookFunnel support can be contacted here.

Why is the store/certain products only visible to customers in a few countries?

Due to the complexity and constant shifting of tax laws and shipping regulations, the store is limited to a handful of countries that make things easier for retailers. Currently, merchandise is only available to customers in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Ebooks and audio only are available to customers in the 27 EU countries. Ebooks only are available to customers in the UK. Ebooks, print books, and audio books can be purchased from your standard retailers (Amazon, Apple, BN, Google, Kobo, etc.)

Why aren't all Jana's books available in the store in audio format?

The Miss Fortune, Ghost-in-Law, and Shaye Archer series are licensed to Audible, and therefore, Jana cannot sell them on her store. You can purchase them through other retailers (Audible, Amazon, Apple, etc.).