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Dreadful (EBOOK)

Dreadful (EBOOK)

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The moon peers out from behind the dark clouds, but deep within the swamp, even the tiniest sliver is like a beacon in the pitch black. The path is barely discernable, but she knows the way.

She steps up to the edge of the water and stares at the silver locket in her hand, a picture of two girls inside. One is her. The other...

Is waiting.

She begins to sing, and the winds pick up her tune. The water stirs, and from the center of the angry current, the young woman emerges. Her haunting voice carries over the water.  

"Find me. I'm all alone."

Jenny Taylor bolts up in bed, her screams echoing throughout her bedroom. She falls back on the pillow, sobbing. She knows what she has to do. The dreams are too intense. Too frequent.

It's time to find Caitlyn.

What readers are saying about this series:

"So many twists and turns. Just when you think you know who did it, it turns out you're wrong."

"Gripping and scary."

"I was annoyed when I finished the book because I was at work and couldn't log on and immediately buy the next one."

"So tension filled that sometimes I had to put the book down."


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